About Us

We are a knowledge based speciality Engineering company


Based in Pune, India and executing projects all over the world, Veda Engineering specialises in utility engineering, in-house design and fabrication, as well as gold-standand service and support.
Our focus is on delivering highly efficient, cost effective solutions whether its in Project Execution, Design and Fabrication, Audits or Consultancy. Our top priorities are high efficiancy output and control of costs, without compromising on quality or thoroughness.
We have a singular goal; to best deliver tailor-made, custom solutions for our partners, so they can grow more efficiently and successfully, with us by their side.

Customer Focus

We operate by and for our customers’ success, and strive to create value for our customers with our talent and engineering know-how.

Operational Excellence

Enables us to achieve significant performance improvements by concentrating on enhancing quality, reliability and customer value.


Veda is dedicated to the advancement of safe and sustainable solutions for our clients and within our company.

VC Karunakaran

VC Karunakaran


After 20 years working with Thermax Babcock & Wilcox, having joined them during their early stages, Mr. Karunakaran founded Veda Engineering Private Limited.
He is known to be an avid gardener in his free time, a skill which is transferred to his work as he is a very hands on manager.
He works tirelessly and his zest for life, and work, is unparalleled.